$1/plate Sushi @ Nihon Mura (8th Jan – 28 Feb)

EAT MORE SAVE MORE. Sushi lovers, it’s time to eat your heart out and save $$ at the same time! Available at: Cineleisure # B1-03/04/05 The Cathay # B1-01-07/K2-K3 Kallang Leisure Park # 03-03 Rivervale […]

The Founder’s Story (Part II)

Some of you might have read Shanie’s story. If you haven’t, you should! Well now, here’s mine. It’s weird why we’d be working together out of no-where and honestly. We started this out of no-where. […]

I lost myself along the way while trying to stay in your life

She gave you a hint, But you didn’t bother. Those moments felt like you had a hand down my throat. Forcefully pressing it down, only to exchange for your freedom. The moments we spent together, […]

Types of Customers in a Club

Hey! It’s Brenda here again! Today, I’ll be sharing with you guys what kind of customers and women I met while working in a club as a model’s POV.   Respectful Men The men I […]

Hokkaido – Out of the Capital

In part 2, I will share with you about places to visit outside of the capital of Hokkaido. Be sure to check out part 1 if you haven’t! As mentioned in part 1, the mode of transport […]

SHINee fans to hold a memorial for Jonghyun @ Hong Lim Park Today!

Just like how other countries such as New York and Philipines are doing, Singapore fans of the k-pop band SHINee are holding a memorial for our beloved Jonghyun who passed on. [PLS RT] <Memorial for […]

Fashion Blogger Andrea Chong receive image of her from furniture mover stating “no bra inside one”

A post on Facebook by Fashion Blogger Andrea Chong shares her stories of being attacked and psychologically affected by a few incidents. The latest incident where the engaged furniture mover named Roland, sent her a […]

The Love Routine

It’s been a routine. I have been through it tons of times, but still, it hurts and the worse part is that each time, the number of hurt multiplies. But you would realize that things […]

Off Peak @ Old Airport Road

My name is Myles, grew up in Singapore, but am originally from Malaysia.I am many things, an avid diver, foodie, photographer and automotive geek.  A hot spot since the old days, the Old Airport Road […]

Reason behind my weight lost – The Break Up

“I told myself never because you are attached, you neglect your friends. The relationship may end but true friends will always stay and be there for you. So never always put your partner as the […]

7 things to do before 2017 ends!

1. Spend time with your loved ones! Take some time out to sit down with your loved ones. A lot of people will leave your life, but family is forever. It doesn’t even have to […]

“She is enough”

She is making herself a priority because this life is hers and there is only one of it. Because no one is going to put her first unless she learns to do so with herself. […]

Working as a model in the Nightlife Industry

Nightlife industry as a model, tough or not? Hello, my name is Brenda, 19 years old this year and I’m currently working while studying. I graduated not long ago and I’d like to pursue my […]

A freelance model pins his confidence and personality on his sleeve

“A freelance model pins his confidence and personality on his sleeve. “ I’m Edwin, and I’ll be writing about the life of a freelance model. Having the opportunity to have interacted with individuals whom model […]

WANNA BE A CABIN CREW? Here are 5 most common assessment!

Before we begin, I understand It’s every girl’s dream to be a cabin crew! But it’s not going to be an easy journey. Let’s see how much you’re willing to take upon the challenges! First […]

Figuring myself out — Lynn Vannabelle

For the past few months, I’ve been trying to figure something out. Honestly, I was trying to figure out who I am and what I really love, I don’t normally write about love stories or […]

Places you don’t want to miss in HOKKAIDO! (Part 1)

Last winter, my family and I traveled to Hokkaido, the second largest and coldest island of Japan. Hokkaido is known for its seafood and agricultural products, as well as its natural scenery which looks uniquely […]

” I hate you” Really?!

“Some people hate you because they see potential in what you’ll become in the future and that they can’t get what you have.”  1. “bitch i know you do implants” People that are jealous of […]

Moving On

Moving on is a path where everyone slowly stand up from the pain they get. It’s not easy and will never be easy. It also depends on the amount of hurtful scenes playing on their […]

“Gymming” has become much more prevalent after 2015 as people are more self-conscious of their health.

“Gymming” has become much more prevalent after 2015 as people are more self-conscious of their health. Gymming helps in many ways – it improves the health and well-being, self-confidence and body physique. However, striking a […]